A word from OAIRE

Are your personnel safe? Do they have the information they need at a crash scene to recognize the potential hazards of specific vehicles?

OAIRE, Inc. has the most up to date information in our "Advanced Vehicle Systems Class" covering restraints, hybrids (HEV), plug-in hybrids (PHEV), pure electric (EV) and fuel cells vehicles (FCV). We will show you what the different types of cars are, how they work, where the hazards are during extrication procedures and how to recognize these areas.

Correct stabilization of the vehicle is as important as always, especially now with the HEV's, PHEV's and "stop-start" systems becoming more common in conventional vehicles. With this feature, the engine shuts down when the throttle is released or while braking, but when the throttle is pressed again to accelerate the engine will start up again in milliseconds. There are now many all electric vehicles (EV) on the road today and obviously there will be no engine sound when the car is "on". Your personnel should always assume the vehicle is "on" at a crash scene even when there is no sound.

"Lighten up" is the new buzz word in the auto industry. Boron steel and carbon fiber technologies are dramatically changing current and future vehicle structure. These changes are affecting extrication procedures as we know it.

Fire dangers for the different types of vehicles will also be reviewed in the class.

Over the next few months OAIRE will be setting up class routes in your area. We have all the AV equipment needed and can set up for any drill night, Saturday or rotational AM/PM classes for larger departments. Our "Train the Trainer" class is also an option. During the class your department will receive a CD with all the current Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Emergence Rescue Guidelines (ERG) available along with many informative video clips. There is no class fee if you are not completely satisfied with the information provided. Please contact us if you have questions or wish any additional class information.

I look forward to hearing from you & thank you for your time and consideration!


Butch Lysholm